Seattle DUI Attorney

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of getting a DUI recently in the Seattle area, don’t take any chances with the law or your future and get in touch with the Seattle-based DUI attorney firm Findley & Rogers as soon as possible.  There are many potentially detrimental repercussions to being booked for a DUI, and the State of Washington and Seattle Municipality spare very little mercy for those convicted.  That’s why, to help fight your DUI and avoid long-lasting damage to your reputation or legal driving status, it’s important that you let the Findley & Rogers Seattle DUI firm inform you of your rights and legal options. By arming yourself with Seattle’s best DUI legal council, will you be able to avoid many of the pitfalls and liabilities that many underrepresented individuals commonly face.

First of all, if you’ve been arrested on a DUI charge, one important thing to remember is that it’s never too late to hire Findley & Rogers as your DUI attorneys.  Even those with DUI arrest that seem to be unwinnable open-and-shut cases should think twice about neglecting their rights.  By hiring the expert attorneys at Findley & Rogers, you are arming yourself with some of the most experienced and specialized lawyers in the entire state of Washington.  Findley & Rogers are experts at tearing apart the DUI case against you.  By examining everything with legal relevance, from your blood alcohol levels and the time of the arrest to the way the Seattle-area police officers and other enforcement agencies conducted themselves, Findley & Rogers can help uncover and exploit any holes in the prosecution’s case against you.  In fact, the burden of proof and the burden of conducting procedure properly is the mostly responsibility of the police, and if they fail to produce legitimate evidence collected in correct ways, then your case might be thrown out or the charges reduced.  In short, don’t risk taking on the city of Seattle or the state of Washington on your own, especially when it comes to something as permanent and potentially damaging as a DUI charge.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Washington State, it’s likely that you might have spent a little time in jail and had some sort of preliminary hearing in front of a judge.  Ideally, you should be in touch with Findley & Rogers Seattle-based DUI attorneys as soon as you know that you are being charged with at DUI. But even if you’ve already gone through those first parts of a DUI arrest in Washington, there is still plenty of legal maneuvering and work to be done.  No matter what the police may have told you about your case at the time of your DUI arrest or during your DUI booking at a Washington State, jail or law enforcement facility, it may not be correct.  So while it’s important to take note of everything they say, don’t let them fool you into neglecting your individual rights and make sure that you contact a Seattle DUI Attorney.

By hiring Findley & Rogers Seattle DUI lawyers, you are taking an important first step in getting over this difficult time in your life and moving past all of the drama associated with it.   Findley & Rogers professional legal staff and highly specialized DUI attorneys take a multi-pronged approach to defending you from a DUI charge in court Seattle or Washington State courtroom.  First off, the firm looks at you short-term predicament and develops legal options to help keep you safe and out of jail for as long as possible. This step also involves engaging a client’s family and work, if necessary, to help make logistical arrangements.  Simultaneously, the pro team of lawyers at Findley & Rogers Seattle office will go to task collecting evidence and statements about your DUI case to bolster your defense with a solid legal strategy.  In some instances, glaring omissions or unclear pieces of information can lead to a speedy dismissal.  For other cases, the upfront data collection and research can help lead to tactical advantages in the courtroom.  Each case and each individual DUI arrest is unique, and Findley & Rogers set out to make every clients defense as strong as possible, thereby increasing the chances of a favorable outcome.

Another aspect of the expert Seattle DUI legal defense available from Findley & Rogers is the forward-looking, long-term outlook for our clients legal record and driving privileges.  Depending upon the situation and your driving history, a DUI conviction could mean suspension or even revocation of your driving privileges.  For those working in and around Seattle that rely on their cars to help them make a living, this can be disastrous.  That’s why the crack team of Washington state DUI lawyers at Findley & Rogers assesses all pieces of evidence to try and carve out a defense plan that takes into account the future driving needs of clients.

Fighting a DUI in Seattle is a serious undertaking.  The police will try and stack the evidence against you as much as possible.  That’s why it’s crucial to explore your legal options to the fullest.  There are very specific parts of the law and the penal code behind DUI convictions in the state of Washington, of which many people are unaware.  Considering the gravity of the situation, it’s vital that you know all of your options before you make any irrevocable decision in your DUI case.  The sooner Findley & Rogers DUI lawyers are contacted in the course of a DUI, the sooner they can help guide clients to make informed and logical decisions.

Findley & Rogers team of expert DUI lawyers takes an aggressive approach toward defending clients rights under state law and fighting DUI charges.  The team of experienced DUI attorneys covers every legal aspect of the case, from initial arrest circumstances and booking experiences to strategy-making and in-court defense.  And the teams’ many years of experience handling DUI cases around the city of Seattle has made them extremely savvy about the inner workings of courts and the legal system here in the city and the greater Western Washington area.  As such, the expert Seattle DUI attorneys at Findley & Rogers scrutinize every case in the context of their client’s lives.  Each client’s legal history, and any reliance or dependency on drugs will be taken into account, for which there are both potential consequences to defend against and potential opportunities to exploit.  In some instances, the law has provided some leeway to people on an individual basis.  For instance, completing an alcohol or substance abuse treatment program can sometimes be used to persuade the court to dismiss a DUI charge or reduce the sentence.   By looking at all of the legal options for our Seattle-area DUI defendants and pursuing every potential lead or crack in the prosecution’s case, the legal professionals at Findley & Rogers can help protect clients in both the short term and the long term.

At Findley & Rogers Seattle office, professional DUI attorneys defend client’s rights to help them pursue the best path for their particular situation.   In some instances, it may turn out that entering a guilty plea before going to trial is a client’s best choice because the prosecuting attorneys may be willing to negotiate a reduced charge.  Again, the upfront legal work by Findley & Rogers can help set up a more favorable negotiation if a guilty plea is necessary. But if the state of Washington or the city of Seattle thinks they have a very strong case and a high chance of conviction, then they will likely want to take your DUI case to trial. Still, this is not the end of the fight to beat your DUI charges.  Findley & Rogers DUI trial lawyers specialize in courtroom proceedings in the Seattle area, having deep knowledge of complex statutes involved with DUI laws.  No effort will be spared in the trial phase to win a favorable opinion from the court.

Findley & Rogers can also help you explore some options for deferred prosecution in your Seattle DUI case, which can allow defendants to remain out of jail and continue driving, albeit with some restrictions.  By mapping out the paths you can take to fight your DUI case in Washington, Findley & Rogers allows clients to explore potential deferral rulings that include alcohol and substance abuse treatments.  Other DUI deferral arrangements in Seattle include in-car devices that prevent you from driving while intoxicated.

And even after all dismissals have been awarded, prosecution deferrals arranged, plea deals or cases taken to trial, Findley & Rogers continues to look out for the legal wellbeing of the firms’ clients.   By making sure that all legal obligations are met and all future court dates are kept, the DUI pros at the Seattle firm make sure that any gains made during the plea negotiation or deferral stages will remain intact. No matter what stage of your DUI case you may be at and no matter what the situation, it’s important to be protected.  Findley & Rogers specializes in Seattle and Washington DUI defense and can help you figure out your best strategy for fighting your personal DUI predicament.