Our Attorneys

Findley & Rogers, PLLC is a law firm is located in Seattle, Washington that specializes in DUI charges. Both of our lawyers attended Law School at the University of Washington so not only do they practice in Seattle but they studied in Seattle as well. They are incredibly familiar with DUI law in Seattle and have an excellent track record fighting DUI charges.

Findley & Rogers Law Firm offers free consultation appointments to anyone looking for a law firm in Seattle to represent them or an excellent Seattle DUI Attorney. Our lawyers will meet with you to discuss the facts of your case and answer any questions you may have regarding the legal procedures involving your case, what to expect and what the potential outcomes of your case may be. We understand that facing a DUI charge is incredibly stressful and complicated and we want you to know that we are a dedicated Seattle law firm that not only can offer you knowledgeable expertise but we are always available to help you and will do whatever we can to make the experience of fighting a DUI charge as painless as possible.

We understand the value of being able to communicate with your lawyers. We are personable and dedicate the time in order to become as familiarized with your case as possible to stand the best chance of fighting it. We work tirelessly every step of the way in order to assure that we achieve the best outcome possible for your DUI charge.

Aside from DUI charges Findley & Rogers specializes in various areas of law including criminal defense, personal injury, landlord-tenant law, small business incorporation, family law, and estate planning. The goal of our law firm is to provide you the best legal counsel possible for your case. If we determine that our areas of expertise do not seem like a good fit for your case we would be happy to provide you with the information for another attorney that may be better able to assist you.

Our team is comprised of two lawyers, Fletcher Findley and Corey Rogers.

Fletcher Findley

Fletcher Findley was born in the town of Randle located in Lewis County, Washington near Mount Saint Helens. He attended undergraduate school at New York University where he got a degree with honors in History. After graduating he returned to Washington where he worked as a wild land firefighter before attending the University of Washington School of Law. He has been practicing law in Seattle since he passed the Bar Exam. Fletcher worked for a personal injury and criminal defense firm and then for the Seattle City Attorney’s Office before deciding to cofound Findley & Rogers Law Firm.

Fletcher has been an avid skier and hiker his entire life. His current physical activities now include surfing, kickball and sailing. He also has an affinity for travel and has visited many countries throughout Europe and Northern Africa. His next travel plans include visiting South America and South East Asia.

Fletcher is an active member of the Washington State Bar Association and the King County Bar Association.

Corey Rogers

Corey Rogers attended the University of Mississippi where he graduated with honors in both International Studies and Biology. After graduating he returned to Seattle where he attended the University of Washington School of Law, graduating in the top third of his class. His focus in law has been on criminal defense and personal injury but he has experience working with landlord-tenant issues, land use law, family law and environmental law.

After interning with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the King County Ombudsman’s Office, practicing private criminal defense and working as a law clerk for the Tulalip Tribes of Washington, Corey cofounded Findley & Rogers, PLLC.

He is an avid runner who practices piano and enjoys literature. Corey is also a big fan of the outdoors and loves to ski, hike, backpack and climb. He is a member of the Seattle Mountaineers and has traveled throughout Central and South America.

Corey is an active member of the Washington State Bar Association. He also volunteered as a legal intern for the Center for Environmental Law and Policy, a Washington water law organization.