DUI Lawyers in Washington State

Though there are similarities between all of the states, each state has their own particular laws that apply to DUI charges which is why you should get a lawyer that knows the laws of that state. In the state of Washington driving with a blood alcohol content over .08% is considered “Driving Under the Influence” or a DUI. Washington State doesn’t have a separate charge for “Driving While Intoxicated” or a DWI. Details for DUI charges as well as that of Negligent Driving, Reckless Driving and Reckless Endangerment are spelled out in the Revised Code of Washington or RCW.

Washington State has its own mandatory minimum penalties for DUI charges that should be discussed with a lawyer. Washington also has particular laws applying to state driver’s licenses that are determined by the Department of Licensing and separate from the criminal charges of a DUI. By signing the paperwork to receive a Washington State driver’s license you have thereby given you implied consent to a breath test, though you still maintain a legal right to refuse it. Breath tests are much more commonly used than blood tests in Washington.

Very few DUI cases in Washington State ever go to trial. Plea bargains are a common way for DUI charges to be resolved and are an outcome most lawyers seek out. It is not uncommon for DUI charges to be dropped to Negligent or Reckless driving, both of which involve lesser fees and lesser potential jail time.

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